Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dreaming of Spring

I've been going through soo many pictures from photo-shoots and just new pictures and I've realized how much i miss spring and summer, i hate being all layered up with coats and not being able to feel my hands or my nose and the fact that you have to choose way too carefully what you're going to wear because it might be 32 degrees or less outside. I'm ready to wear my summer dresses,shorts,tanks,sandals and all the new stuff i got from some a lot of the spring 2014 collections. I dont entirely hate winter but I'm a summer girl at heart I am too used to the hot weather i don't mind it cause you can always go swimming or walk inside and turn the a/c on if its too hot. But there's no hiding from the cold. Lets speed up a little the seasons shall we. In this picture i am wearing one of my favourite summer dresses from this past summer. And besides come on i know I'm not the only blogger who is going cray because technically you should always wait till the seasons roll around to gush on much of the new things. The wait kills me, but there's a lot coming for spring cant wait to share ! xx -Steph

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Zipper Blouse

This outfit I put together was found on accident in my closet, I went shopping a couple of weeks back. I am very simple when it comes to my style, but I still have the stylish to touch to where I'm comfortable and still catch someone's eye with what I'm wearing. I love what I am wearing in this picture because its simple yet flirty and girly. I love the contrast of color, In the beginning I wanted to go for a blouse that was the same color as the skirt but instead I chose this other one that is between white and a very light yellow color. I love the blouse I'
m wearing because its not like super tight or super loose on the body and the back you cant help but love, the zipper (as seen below) is what caught my eye about this blouse, it covers your back just enough to still look sexy while wearing it. Once again simple yet eye catching.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Florals For Spring 2014 NYFW

i love these designs michael kors has done it again. and i love this other design by rebecca taylor. i love how they pair up florals with not only the blouse and pants but with of course a dress that you can wear to more than one place at anytime of the day.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

i love to see how people pair up different pieces. And dont mind taking certain fashion risks in doing so. They pair up the right amount of accesories and right colors,never going overboard. I love seeing this.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A little bit of this

Its fall, yes its that time of the year when its not cold yet but its not too hot anymore. Since its fall this calls for boots and comfy cardigans paired with many of our outfits. I like wearing long dresses,slit dresses, with thin waist belts and boots or with oxfords. Maxi skirts with tanks while we still can. Paired with a clutch and some accesories, as seen in the picture its okay to stack bracelets and rings if it feels right but dont over do it. I also really enjoy the colors and prints that come along with fall such as maroon reds, theres always animal print shoes,shirts, purses,neutral colors ,and red or plum pouts.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Style mashup

Yesterday I was raiding through my closet and remembered I saw the slit on skirts and dresses a lot on the runways. Then it also hit me that they seemed to have many cozy sweaters. And can't forget that pointy heels are being worn with almost anything right now. So I put this little piece together. And just had to share it, I like this outfit because its classy. The sweater and shoes make it look chiq, comfortable,  and ready to wear at any time during the day.