Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Zipper Blouse

This outfit I put together was found on accident in my closet, I went shopping a couple of weeks back. I am very simple when it comes to my style, but I still have the stylish to touch to where I'm comfortable and still catch someone's eye with what I'm wearing. I love what I am wearing in this picture because its simple yet flirty and girly. I love the contrast of color, In the beginning I wanted to go for a blouse that was the same color as the skirt but instead I chose this other one that is between white and a very light yellow color. I love the blouse I'
m wearing because its not like super tight or super loose on the body and the back you cant help but love, the zipper (as seen below) is what caught my eye about this blouse, it covers your back just enough to still look sexy while wearing it. Once again simple yet eye catching.