Monday, January 27, 2014

The Truth About It All : 2 Years, THANK YOU

So now that I had more than just some free time in my hands I wanted to take a moment a write this post to all of you that read (not that they all aren't) but this one is special. Its been two years since I started blogging (can you believe it?) its not an eternity or anything of the sorts but it's two years ! I started this blog that has brought me so much joy and has introduced me to many great and humble people. I never imagined id be doing outfit posts or sharing all the things ive shared with you guys. I am so very happy that all of you read and comment and are always giving me feedback and encouraging me to keep on blogging. Its been two years ! Two wonderful years of many ideas, inspiration and lots of funny and random moments that all lead to doing what i love and that is sharing my love for fashion with all of you. So with that said Here's to TWO wonderful YEARS of The Truth About It All and to You my wonderful READERS. I love and appreciate you guys with all my heart. To these two years and MANY MORE ! <3 xx - Steph

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sophia Webster Love

Sophia Webster is red hot. The London based shoe designer is claiming her spot in the industry with her candy like, colorful shoes that  have not only  me but many in love. I think the shoes pretty much speak for themselves check them out below. I think its great how she puts the colors together, the shapes contrast, super fun, playful and bold. They say that shes bringing color back into footwear, and i wouldn't disagree. Her designs have too caught my eye, some may say they're not fans of her work now but just wait, see and they will be in a heart beat. This girl has more than just potential,and vision shes a threat (in a good way of course)  I mean some people are just noticing but this is only the beginning. Check out the super colorful shoes below.

Fash House

I'm excited to announce to you guys that the first issue of my online fashion magazine Fash House is now published. It took some time to edit because i wanted it all to look good on the first issue (and the many to come). Now you can have more fashion to read and other things. I hope you guys love it as much as i do, and that you enjoy the flowers, the tips, the trends, the gush on fashion week, and the style & comfort part.GO READ IT NOW FASHIONISTAS ! Love you, your fashion blogger. xx - Steph