Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Truth About It All: Mara Hoffman Resort 2015

Mara Hoffman recently revealed her swim 2015 collection at Miami Fashion Week. And it is needless to say that as always she wooed each and everyone of us. The designer stuck to her loyal kaleidoscope print that makes you dizzy if you stare too long. The lovely collection which features the loyal kaleidoscope print, tribal prints, parrots,sheer tops, and fringe is truly eye catching. Each piece has would have its own voice if fabric were to speak, my favorites would have to be the first three. In the first three pieces the trends are represented in more than one way. Starting with the always appealing two piece swim suit,which this time around features kaleidoscope patterns along with tribal. The very next one features the classic high waist swim suit with sheer attributes that compliment the swimsuit as a whole. I love how on my third favorite she mixes a tie dye feel, with tribal colors, giving the vintage one piece a different and more colorful approach. 
The way she mixed rain forest colors with trending pieces and even pieces that have already been around makes the collection irresistible. What do you guys think of the collection? Will you be seen wearing any of these gorgeous pieces next summer ? YAY or NAY? xx -Steph

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