Friday, August 22, 2014

The Truth About It All: For The Bride

Being a bride can get difficult I assume with all the planning , the guest list,seating arrangements,the theme color,the flowers, the vow writing, etc. The list could go on for ages, but when I saw these gorgeous Chanel sandals on Pinterest, I could not help but want to share a little bridal inspiration and style with any future brides out there. Everyone is obsessed with bridal couture, but lets be honest here its oh so complicated to chose wedding gowns with all the styles, textures, fabric, and now colors YES COLORS. Brides are not only wearing white now. Now they wear pink,mint green, a very light sky blue, red, and if you are on of those brides who wants to stand out forevermore from the traditional white there are also black wedding gowns. Vera Wang being one of the first designers I saw making black wedding gowns, I personally would not opt for that color considering the fact that i think it takes away from such as special occasion. The color makes it look like you are going to a black tie event instead of a wedding it makes the gown look like just any regular evening gown. I love them but would not wear them. I love Vera and the way she always perfectly captures the style of almost if not every bride out there. Her spring 2015 collection is breathtaking, it captivated me from the moment I saw it, as did the Oscar De La Renta 2015 collection. Both designers manage to keep a vintage look to all of the pieces in their collections, but still giving it a modern look which is exactly my style. Now lets talk about the shoes. The Shoes I believe are the most important thing Riiight after the dress. I am personally obsessed with the Chanel shoes at the very top. These classic Coco Chanel strappy sandals are truly breathtaking , I love the simplicity they have it makes them easy to wear for any special occasion. Of course I had to include the famous Manolos Carrie wore in Sex in the City to marry 'Mr.Big', as soon as the shoes were seen in the movie everyone fell in love with the gorgeous pumps. So much in fact that brides everywhere were wanting to buy them so Blahnik  raised the prices from a good $525 to a hefty $965 making an iconic shoe and almost unreachable. And of course I could not forget to put the very beautiful swan shoes that were made just for Bella in Twilights Breaking Dawn movie. What do you lovely ladies and future brides think? xx -Steph

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