Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Truth About It All: Peter Lik Art Gallery

Lik Gallery is. ... truly captivating. Just this past Saturday I was out for a stroll around town and happened to run into something quite unexpected. The Peter Lik Gallery is truly something I never thought  I'd run into, his landscape photography is truly breathtaking ranging from waterfalls, to the sun setting behind a tree somewhere in Africa. His work truly captures all the beauty nature has to give through the lens of the camera.  My first impression when walking into the gallery is something I'm not quite sure how to describe, I recall saying "This seems interesting, I haven't been inside a gallery in a while." After taking the first step inside the gallery I began to wander around to see what i would run into, after seeing the first three photos I continued to explore the gallery which is carefully arranged by first water shots, then sunset/sundown, followed by a few buildings here and there, and a historic shot that was so amazing it seemed like you were standing there (seen below). All of the photographs featured below some from the 2014 collection of photographs that are now being featured in each of his galleries, along with some other photographs from previous years, are all truly remarkable. I am now a fan of Peter Liks work. If you like photography and art going to a Peter Lik art gallery is totally worth the time.

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