Monday, September 29, 2014

The Truth About It All: Ciao Fall

(Forever21 Dress)

Hello loves Steph here, Its been about a month almost since my last outfit post I got soo caught up blogging about all my favorite new collections from fashion week but in between all the writing I took time do a few outfit posts. These outfits where shot in a white background which was unexpected but I liked going a different way about it instead of running around I just kinda stood in one place and changed poses (no worries i'll always love to shoot outside with scenery around me). It was a rainy and humid day outside either way so I guess it worked out for the best. This outfit was inspired by the comfort I believe comes with the arrival of fall and soon enough winter too. One of my favorite outfits. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? xx -Steph    

(Urban Outfitters Beanie)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Truth About It All: David Koma Spring 2015

I think I just added a new designer to my list of favorites. The David Koma Spring 2015 collection was everything I never knew could be (if that makes sense). I've always been obsessed with geometric cutouts and body-con pieces and this show did not disappoint me at all. Although Koma is also living his lifelong dream of being the artistic director of Mugler it did not take away from his very own collection. The very architectural designer who usually defaults for using black and white on all of his designs, decided to this time around incorporate some colors that represent spring. The designs featured cutout waists, sheer panel details, and the always lovely and flattering asymmetrical hem. The collection over all was fantastic. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? xx -Steph

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Truth About It All: Marchesa Spring 2015

Wow people just,WOW ! I cannot help but be overly obsessed with the new Marchesa Spring 2015 collection. Everything is soo fabulous , i was in awe when i watched the show  every design is soo breathtaking from head to toe. Every piece that strutted down the runway made you feel like you were in a magical bohemian garden or something of the sorts. I loved how most of the pieces had some sort of floral patterns or pastel colors. A lot of sheer and lightweight fabrics were used for the collection, every style had something that made it a little sexy whether it showed cleavage in the front, showed off the shoulders, had a slit on the skirts, or had sheer fabric which was provocative. All of the designs represented spring, some of the models wore flower crowns which added to the boho style of the collection. Some of the first pieces in the collection had a very 70s vibe to them which is sometimes hard to pull off without going over the top. The entire collection as a whole was magnificent, which I could wear certain pieces I fell in love with. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? xx -Steph

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Truth About It All: Altuzarra S/S15

(Business Woman)
NYFW is over now and we're moving onto London, Milan, and Paris fashion week but we cannot forget how chic the Altuzarra S/S15 collection was. I could see the style of more than one of us girls reflected. It was truly pleasing to the eye, you had many types of women reflected in the designs. The color palette used for this collection is one I favor, its the colors that represent spring here we have a very subtle selection of colors most of them being sky blues, a very light pink, golden tones,etc. With black not being left out of the picture since its a color that is worn all year round and is great for nighttime. I labeled the last look The Carrie Bradshaw because it truly reminds me of Carries style if the show was still running I could totally see her wearing that dress for a day out with the girls , wouldn't you? What do you guys think of the the collection for this spring? Yay or Nay? xx -Steph
(Tomboy meets Chic)
(Glamorous Nighttime)
(The Carrie Bradshaw)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Truth About It All: Comfy Day

Hello Loves, your dearest fashion blogger here. :) How have you guys been ?  I've been looking for some inspiration for something new I'm working on for the blog and in these past days have been clinging to comfortable outfits, I always say that sometimes comfort comes first so when I finally decided to work on a new outfit post I continued to cling to that comfort and along came this post. I was supposed to do a different outfit but got lazy last minute and ended up not changing , so my photographer Janice said sure why not lets do a laid back outfit. And so we did, when we arrived where we were going to shoot it just so happened to be perfect for such a comfortable outfit like this. It was sundown which made for good but complicated lighting. We shot at this old warehouse she had seen just fifteen minutes from where we both live. Across the street you could see this really small little restaurant and in the air you smelled barbecue. We explored the whole perimeter which led to really good pictures with a kind of dark/creepy and adventurous feel. There are more outfit posts to come within the next week that arent laid back. :) What do you guys think for this very comfy outfit day? Yay or Nay? xx -Steph
Top: Nasty Gal
Tights: Forever21
Boots: SM New York
Photographer: Janice Contreras ;) 

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Truth About It All: Tibi S/S15

The Tibi Spring/Summer 2015 collection was on fire I loved all of it, the styles varied but remained true to the brand. I'll begin by saying that in the past few years I hadn't really tried clothes that are styled the way Tibi styles them its oh so edgy yet, girly and I really really like it. I've always had to chose either go girly with this outfit or go edgy.. And had always ended up stuck in the middle of the two not knowing which side to pick , but with Tibi you have the perfect balance for the edgy/girly gal. This is why I love it soo much , their collections have the perfect balance and I am now a huge fan. The Spring/Summer2015 collection is truly stunning because the looks transition so easily from day to night.  What do you guys think of the new Tibi S/S15 ? Yay or Nay? xx- Steph

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Truth About It All: BCBGMaxAzria S/S15

I am in love with the new BCBG collection never has anything been so classic/boho/silky/chic and timeless. Wow so many things at once I am truly obsessed with this collection for spring. Its such a mix of different styles, its so difficult not to love it. No wonder everyone has been gushing about it since it was unveiled at NYFW S/S15 earlier this week. The fabrics used in each piece are so light weight  that when you walk it just flows with every move you make. The entire collection made me love BCBG even more than I already do. Its bold yet classic, there was a floral feel to many of the outfits because of the fabric used and I absolutely loved the designs that featured nude colored fabric because nude colored things can be worn with literally anything. This collection was not only modern and chic it is timeless. What do you guys think of the new BCBG collection ? Yay or Nay ? I say definitely YAY ! I would buy the whole collection if i could. xx -Steph
(Boho Chic)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Truth About It All: Kate Spade vs Chanel Take Me Out


OH MY HOLY PURSE ! What is going on with this ? Am I seeing double, somebody get me some glasses please. 2010 versus 2014, I recall that in 2010 Chanel designed a purse that was shaped like a Chinese take out box. It was quirky and fun but it stuck to the of course classic black and white of the brand. Fast forward a few years  and now we have a take out bag designed by Kate Spade, I must say that a lot of people didn't really favor the bags because of their sizes but sometimes a small bag is good to have and why not have a fun small bag. I am in love with the take out bag both brands created but mainly with the one made by Kate Spade because you can carry it more than one way, with the shoulder strap and with the small handle that you can hold in your hand. And its oh so colorful inside and out, the inside is lined with blue fabric that have little fortunes written on it. What do you guys think? Would you buy a take out bag from either brand or would you rather just stick with a normal bag ? Yay or Nay for take out bags? xx -Steph