Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Truth About It All: Kate Spade vs Chanel Take Me Out


OH MY HOLY PURSE ! What is going on with this ? Am I seeing double, somebody get me some glasses please. 2010 versus 2014, I recall that in 2010 Chanel designed a purse that was shaped like a Chinese take out box. It was quirky and fun but it stuck to the of course classic black and white of the brand. Fast forward a few years  and now we have a take out bag designed by Kate Spade, I must say that a lot of people didn't really favor the bags because of their sizes but sometimes a small bag is good to have and why not have a fun small bag. I am in love with the take out bag both brands created but mainly with the one made by Kate Spade because you can carry it more than one way, with the shoulder strap and with the small handle that you can hold in your hand. And its oh so colorful inside and out, the inside is lined with blue fabric that have little fortunes written on it. What do you guys think? Would you buy a take out bag from either brand or would you rather just stick with a normal bag ? Yay or Nay for take out bags? xx -Steph

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