Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Truth About It All: Beauty Must Haves

(Origins Checks and Balance face wash,
for oily skin)
(Origins GinZing undereye crream,
 great for dark circles)
My skin has always been something i keep up with constantly because i like for it to look clear at all times. So i thought id share some of my favorites with you guys. although i dont break out often i do have a very oily t-zone so im always on the lookout to keep my face looking oil free always. These are just a few of the products i use to keep my skin the way i want it to look. Origins overall is great for your skin they have become my favorite. Their Modern Friction face and body scrubs are amazing, they keep your skin feeling and looking clear from gunk,oil,etc. I really recommend these products because they've worked for me.
(Clinique moisturizers work wonders)
Brighter by Nature moisturizer
(Its always good to have a scrub for your face and body, this comes in both face and body scrub)

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