Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Truth About It All: Standard Diner Albuquerque

There is a lot to be said about Downtown, Albuquerque .. But in a few words its underdeveloped, I am not here to sham on the this area of the city it is just unexpectedly so much different than you would imagine. But as previously stated I am not here to say never visit. I love finding variety, when it comes to eating somewhere whether its in the atmosphere of the place, the selection of the menu, the friendly staff or good prices for good food portions.

The Truth About It All: The Good Dress

Everyone would argue that if you are bridesmaid, you are usually the worst part of the wedding party. Why? You may ask, well the answer is simple, brides are always under stress even if it does not appear that way. They stress about their weight, about finding the right dress, the right kind of food to suit all the guests taste buds, the color of the flowers, and well every little detail they feel is important to making their wedding day perfect.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Truth About It All: Cucumber Face Peel

It has been two plus months since we last said goodbye to summer, so you would expect that me being the way I am would be back to my daily facial routine of cleanse, tone , moisturize and occasionally scrub. But nope I have been doing the complete opposite between work , signing up for classes, family time, wrapping presents and the holidays in general. I had not gone back to taking thorough care of my face.