Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Truth About It All: Cucumber Face Peel

It has been two plus months since we last said goodbye to summer, so you would expect that me being the way I am would be back to my daily facial routine of cleanse, tone , moisturize and occasionally scrub. But nope I have been doing the complete opposite between work , signing up for classes, family time, wrapping presents and the holidays in general. I had not gone back to taking thorough care of my face.
But then yesterday after I left the hair salon I realized that my tzone looked oilier than usual and right there stuck in traffic with Walgreens seconds away I knew that I needed to get some sort of  cleansing mask. Yes that is correct I got my mask from Walgreens ! You heard correctly, I walked in originally with the idea of getting Essie nail polish which is my favourite and they have all the different shades there in the nail polish section (but thats a different story) So anyway I walk to the skincare section and then it hit me that I have not been in Walgreens to get anything skin related for a while now since I started to go to Sephora, etc. for beauty products a few years back . So initially I was confused as to where to find exactly what I was looking for, but I walked around the beauty section and there I found multiple peels and clay masks. After browsing a few minutes I picked out five different ones. And five minutes later when I got home I tried the cucumber one. A lot of friends and family members I know have always sworn that cucumber anything work wonders on the skin so I decided to try this cucumber peel. I must say I was quite impressed by the outcome, I followed the directions to the line and left the mask on for 15 minutes. Then I slowly began to peel it off ( and sent a picture to my loving boyfriend who laughed at me) When the mask was completely peeled from my face I closely examined my pores with the hand mirror we have in the restroom and I noticed that my face looked much cleaner, it was very soft to the touch and it had removed all the tiny little black heads that I have on my nose that really bug me even tho I am probably the only one who notices them since they're so small. I was very pleased with the outcome, I got the results I would have wanted without spending too much. So ladies if getting the pore cleansing clay mask from Sephora is not in the budget this month then at least you know where to find a good one for cheaper. Just visit your local Walgreens, Target or Walmart haha.

xx -Steph 

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