Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Truth About It All: The Good Dress

Everyone would argue that if you are bridesmaid, you are usually the worst part of the wedding party. Why? You may ask, well the answer is simple, brides are always under stress even if it does not appear that way. They stress about their weight, about finding the right dress, the right kind of food to suit all the guests taste buds, the color of the flowers, and well every little detail they feel is important to making their wedding day perfect.
Which eventually all that compiled with stress leading up to the day turns her into the well known "Bridezilla". Everyone loves her and wants to make her happy but at the same time everyone hates her because she will point out every little detail and make you feel tiny. I personally been part of more than one wedding, and let me tell you that being a bridesmaid more than once can definitely be a hazzle. There is a lot of running around, trying on multiple dresses until the bride is perfectly contempt with the way you look can definitely  be very weary to say the least. Although there are some brides that end up picking some really god awful dresses that look pretty in their eyes. There is the occasional bride who saves you from looking like a bag of potatoes, etc. at the wedding.. There are some brides who pick out the most gorgeous dresses, those brides make me say "Thats what i want my bridesmaids to look like on my wedding day!" The pictures below and around are of some of those good brides that picked out gorgeous dresses for their bridesmaids to say the least. The perfect combination of tulle, lace, sequins, and embroidery on the back or maybe even the sides. I loved accidentally finding this the other day as I was desperately seeking some inspiration. What do you guys think? Have you had a good dress?
xx -Steph 

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