Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Truth About It All: Standard Diner Albuquerque

There is a lot to be said about Downtown, Albuquerque .. But in a few words its underdeveloped, I am not here to sham on the this area of the city it is just unexpectedly so much different than you would imagine. But as previously stated I am not here to say never visit. I love finding variety, when it comes to eating somewhere whether its in the atmosphere of the place, the selection of the menu, the friendly staff or good prices for good food portions.

 This place in Albuquerque exactly 15 plus hrs from home is more than what I expected after arriving. Located on Central Ave, Standard Diner gives off a very kind of homey feeling with their modern rustic decor. The diner known for their bourbon butter burger, does not disappoint. It has a varied selection of wines from various U.S. states, other countries, locally made wine, and even organic wine. it keeps you engaged with the friendly staff who constantly makes sure that you have everything you want at your table.

 For beer fanatics such as my boyfriend and well anyone else out there, the beverage menu also features over 10 locally brewed beers on tap with interesting names such as the "Alien Amber Ale", "Monk's Ale", and another cleverly named "A Slice Of Hefen".

The best part in my opinion has got to be the extensive amount of food selection in their dinner, breakfast, lunch, kids, and dessert menu. A lot of places lack an extensive selection of menu items but that is not the case with Standard Diner.

 I would say you get more than what you paid for in food portions, because of the simple fact that nothing on the menu is over $15 unless you order some kind of seafood, steak or specialty dish. If you find yourself  in Downtown Albuquerque and starving for some good food or desserts made from scratch, or maybe if you are on the quest of finding some really good locally brewed beers,locally made desserts, (such as their yuzu cheesecake) or just a great experience.

 Then Standard Diner is totally the place for you to go !!! I loved it here (since I am sitting in it as I write this lol) I am  look forward to coming to Albuquerque again just to eat here. And it is very rare for me to be genuinely excited about a lot of places for multiple reasons. But I wouldnt mind driving 15 hrs again or maybe i'll fly next time haha. Regardless this is definitely a place that is worth the visit. What do you guys think? Have you been to Standard Diner before? Let me know belooow !                                                 :)

                                             xx -Steph

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