Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Truth About It All: Hack The Wrinkles

Hey there lovelies ! This is my first post since my birthday which was this past Saturday. And I wanted to talk to you guys about something that really bothers me and that something would be wrinkles. Yes I said it I hate wrinkles, but don't we all? Thank god I am speaking about wrinkles on your clothes and not your face haha I don't have to worry about those other wrinkles for some time.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Truth About It All: Coffee NO.2

Sitting in a loud room that is filled with people, so filled that the line is out the door, and well it smells like one of my favorite things in the world.. Coffee, I am inside of Starbucks as I sit here I wish they had a refill option/price for iced drinks because I finished my grande light on ice chai about 5 minutes ago and I am debating if I should go get more, why am I in this predicament?

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Truth About It All: Gisele Bundchen Spring 2015 Chanel

Hello there lovelies ! This is my first post for 2015 its crazy a new year has begun, but then again not really it's exciting. Anyhow, I'm sure the majority of you guys have already seen the Chanel Spring 2015 campaign starring Gisele Bundchen. Oh my god! She looks fabulous, there this subtlety about the whole campaign it's very vintage Chanel in my opinion it reminds me a lot of Coco's style.