Monday, January 19, 2015

The Truth About It All: Coffee NO.2

Sitting in a loud room that is filled with people, so filled that the line is out the door, and well it smells like one of my favorite things in the world.. Coffee, I am inside of Starbucks as I sit here I wish they had a refill option/price for iced drinks because I finished my grande light on ice chai about 5 minutes ago and I am debating if I should go get more, why am I in this predicament?
Well because as I mentioned before the line is out the door and well second I do not want to pay full price for another one, even though there have been times when I've gotten three different drinks in the span of four hrs all of them either grande or venti when the intended plan was to write and drink one grande caramel machiatto. Now that I think about it I have spent a lot of money on Starbucks but, what can I really say a girl needs her coffee, frappuccinos, iced chais, and sometimes green teas to get her going. And I do not always enjoy making it myself at home, even though we have the anniversary blend,etc. at home. Its almost like we are programmed to want other people to make and do things for us, because sometimes we are just lazy. On a side note .. This post was about to be about something else. As is sat here and typed my day away I obviously look up once in a while when I get stuck or just need a brake from looking at my laptop screen and I see so many men & women wearing either engagement rings, or wedding rings, and then some not wearing either. And I wonder what exactly does it take to get to a point in life where you either have it all or you're halfway there. I wonder if all the people who are married have it all together, life, careers, love, do some of them lack something? Have they figured out who they actually are? Do they have any internal conflict that keeps them from being the best they can be but still stick it out and go through everyday trying to make it all come together? Do they lie often? Do they love that job that has given them the latest Mercedes Benz out in the market? I wonder how long it will take me to get to a point like that in my life where ill have my career, my love, my life, all together and most important ill know who I am inside. Ill be completely honest to say that I am working on it but I was moving quite slow for some time. It came to my attention that slow work equals slow results and I hate slow results just like I hate waiting in a line of 15 people to order my coffee. They say the early bird catches the worm. And that is true, its like signing up for my spring semester of college early, then didn't have to worry about it not fitting my schedule because registering early gets you the best days and times of the week for the most part. Do we continue to be early birds when we catch the worm in life? For example I want to get engaged and then married eventually but, to build up to that you have to work hard on a relationship I do not think its as easy at it seems for anyone. Because in our modern day society people sometimes lack communication qualities, they hate sitting down and talking out issues, they get tired of the everyday routine, of seeing your face morning day and night. Sometimes people marry for the wrong reasons.. I am not saying that the few things I listed are why relationships fail but they are just a few. And then there is people who face all of the things you can possibly face while being in one and somehow manage to come out stronger than before most of the time together and other times apart. But regardless of it just takes work and dedication, being honest with yourself and with other people. Its like laying down stepping stones on the lawn to create a path or putting concrete down to make a road. That is life in every aspect no matter what you are working on, you gotta work hard at it no matter how tired, irritated, mad, sad, hurt, uninterested for five minutes, or just plane lazy you feel. That got through to me last Friday as I was having a class discussion in my communications class.  I guess that I just answered my own question. Sometimes we don't appreciate life the way it deserves to be appreciated. Yesterday was my birthday and I had no high expectations, this year I didn't want a party, a big cake like I usually get every year all I wanted was peace, quiet, food,family,love and laughter. Just wanted to spend a good and relaxed day. But just a few weeks ago I wanted a dinner with some of the people I am closest to. Then I realized that it would have been too many people and that I just really wanted to be with my family and my boyfriend, not a group of people who are rarely there for me. But with the ones that actually genuinely care about me. I was so thankful to spend a peaceful day and I still had cake and food and the things that one should have for a birthday. Here's to another year of life I have gotten through and to the beginning of a new one that I have already toasted to, Cheers !
                                                                     xx -Steph

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