Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Truth About It All: Bridal 2015

Hello there lovelies. It has been a while since I have updated you on all things bridal, but here I am again with another post. Bridal Fashion Week for Spring 2015 was recently (how exciting!) Although I will not be getting married in Spring, Fall, any time this year or any time in the next year.
I do enjoy always keeping up with all things weddings, because one day it will be my day and I would like to have seen every style of dress there is to see in order to know exactly what I will wear. Below are a few collections designs from designers that graced bridal week these are the ones that really caught my eye. Lets Begin!  The First four gowns are from designer Pamella Roland, I love the variety of styles that her collection had. The frosty blue fabric on the second gown its different from the traditional color which is refreshing to the eye, and the low v on the dress shows the right amount of skin to give you a feminine and sexy bride but also can be seen as a princessy wedding gown like Cinderella for instance. The first gown is for brides who do not want the long heavy gown, that might be a bother to them while they are walking down the isle or maybe a bride who doesn't want a big wedding but something simple and easy. This is perfect for an outdoor wedding, on a summer day and the length allows you to show off your gorgeous shoes. The last two gowns are more of what your modern bride would go for a creamy or bright white gown, with a vintage feel but still very relevant to current bridal style.  It's refreshing to see the sheer sleeves that turn into a cape at the back of the dress on the third gown. and the last dress honestly feels like I've seen it in a lot of movies (Bride Wars in particular comes to mind) but nevertheless it is a very modern and chic gown.
Pamella Roland

Reem Acra has continuously been a favorite of mine ever since I saw Jenna Dewan in one of her wedding gowns I have fallen in love with her gowns. I will only comment on two of the gowns from her collection but needless to say her gowns are dreamy kind of like a fairy tale mystical forest wedding. The first one has a very boho bride style, this dress could easily be worn in either an outside/inside wedding where nature and simplicity play a part for the theme of the wedding. For example if there a lot of flowers, or even a flower wall, flower crowns, minimal jewelry on the bride, neutral colors on guests. This gown can fit in with all of these wedding detail. The lace detail and the low v are two of my favorite things to see on a wedding gown because the lace is something traditional but the low v on the neckline adds a modern and attractive twist. My other favorite gown from Reem Acra's collection I would say screams modern bride, this is one of those gowns that could transcend into almost any wedding theme. It is many different things at one time. You can be a boho bride, and have an outdoor wedding or even inside, add a flower crown. You can go glamorous and have big curls, a pop of a red pout, and a Swarovski crystal necklace, I would even dare to say if you are one of those people who want to have a crazy themed wedding such as a zombie one you can also do that with this dress of course no one wants to ruin perfection but its your day after all. This dress is sexy, elegant,vintage,simple,and chic. Everything your modern bride would look for desperately and have a really difficult time finding. There were so many gorgeous gowns but the ones below made my list of favorites. What do you think Yay or Nay ?
                                                         xx -Steph


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