Friday, April 10, 2015

The Truth About It All: Frosted Spring

Hello loves.. Its FRIDAY!! aren't you just overflowing with joy.. Cause I know I am.
It has been a very long week for me, its gone by fast but a lot has been going on lately so, I have not has too much time to sit down and write a post until now. In todays post I am going to talk about this lovely boho style dress. I have had this dress for a few months now, a few months too long without ever even trying it on. This is an artisan made dress was brought to me all the way from a lovely island I havent set foot in for years but that holds a special place in my heart.
When I saw it, instantly fell in love with it but, in that moment I focused my attention on other stuff and never posted about it. In good timing it is now spring and the weather here is very lovely so i decided to at last try it on. When I tried it on I was in awe, the perfect fit, great color for this spring and just the right style and length. I really love the details on the back and the front of the dress, they are very delicate. This dress allows you to not have to wear a lot of jewelry because the dress itself speaks. I am in love with it and will do a follow up of styling it with other things. What do you guys think? Comment belooow, YAY or NAY?
                                                                  xx -Steph

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