Monday, May 18, 2015

The Truth About It All: Manbun Mondays

Hello there my lovely guys and gals! It is once again Monday morning, well at least here it is. This past weekend was a calm one, but on that same token an interesting one. On Saturday night... How do I even begin to explain, I feel like there is no way to explain it as of this very moment so I might need an hour or so to work up all the right words to explain just what happened..
So for now lets get down to a post I promised myself I would have up today. I am calling this one Manbun Mondays, that's right. There are a lot of guys out there that rock the Manbun on their daily lifes you have your photographers, some dancers, models, celebrity hunks like Chris Hemsworth (omg) or David Beckham (aghh) or Avan Jogia (holy crap) .. Well you get my point.  These guys have been rocking it some for a while others for some time but, it suits them and has every girl crushing on their hair. Some of these manbuns are ridiculously pretty, there is even a website dedicated to the man bun known as ManBuns where I advised is given to guys who want to grow their man bun and know if it looks good or not. Before we even get deeper into the post let me just tell you that Justin Biebers Manbun is not okay an should most definitely not be a trending topic on twitter or such because, in my opinion it looks terrible he looks like some kinda morph of an elderly lady with blonde hair tied in a bun. I have never been a huge fan of the Biebs but at the same time never spoke bad about him. As soon as he transitioned away from that first haircut that stuck around for way too long, he looked great to me. But this new long hair in a bun really does not suit him he is not doing it right or maybe he just doesn't have the face for it.
He has zero facial hair, the way he left the hair line looks kinda like he has a wig on and yeah I dont think it looks good. Look at all the other man bun pictures. That is exactly how it is done, I know some girls do not like the man-

bun trend and that some of the guys have too much facial hair and look like they are doing no shave November most of the time but the buns still look good in my opinion. I feel like Bieber should take notes from these Manbun masters and then try again.  What do you think ladies? Do you embrace the Manbun trend or not? Yay or Nay?

               xx -Steph


  1. Justin Beiber in a man bun is not a good look, but Chris Hemsworth looks gorgeous.

  2. i hope u know that the jb pic is a fake hair? its photoshop xD

  3. i hope u know that the jb pic is a fake hair? its photoshop xD