Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Truth About It All: Overall Obsession

If you have been wondering where I've been let me just tell you I have been basking in the misery that is having writers block. With a constant hectic schedule during finals week, and work I had been down in the dump; not even kidding. But while I have been sitting here napping, studying, Starbucksing (drinking too much Starbucks) and going through countless pages of vogue, In-style, Glamour and Harpers bazaar for some inspo. I also took the time to go online and see what was hot out there when it comes to street style.
So while I have been randomly listening to uptown funk and wishing I could focus for at least five minutes I found these pictures of some peeps wearing overalls. I am sure we all know who they are if not feel free to right click and look for their pictures and names on google lol. I also noticed my sarcasm and bitchiness has increased when I cannot write but, that's okay. Now lets get down to business people ! I am loving overalls lately I have been wanting to run out to the store a buy a pair of overalls for the summer and for whenever I want to wear them for that matter. I am really feeling like they are a trend that even when they're not supposed to be in they somehow are, ain't that something? (lol)
I like how all of these lovely ladies decided to wear their overalls out, running errands. I specially love the way Selena Gomez paired hers with a crop top and barely there sandals, it is easy going but still chic. I also enjoy how Aimee Song from Song Of Style pairs her overalls in two different ways, the first is more business casual and the other is more of an everyday wear out take. I am at this very moment contemplating whether or not I should buy overalls I guess we will find out soon enough. I will keep you guys posted here and on Twitter: @stephanieactres (follow me if you already don't!). What do you think of overalls? Are they for you? Do you own a pair? Yay or Nay?
                                                                          xx -Steph

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