Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Truth About It All: Food Diaries; Grilled Chicken Greens

 Is it Thursday already? Gosh.. Well today is my last day at home for a while. Two months seems like a long time to be away, it is a long time but I cannot wait to take many pictures and share them. Adventures are coming peeps! Anyways today's post consists of last nights dinner.
Oh just thinking about it makes me want to rewind time and eat it all over again. We like to cook often but not always, and this past week since it'll be our last week at home I have felt like cooking more than usual. I will be honest I am a little blurry on the details of everything we have cooked since last week but, my god it has been so good. Last night we debated on whether or not we were going to eat at home or order pizza. While at the same time in need for a pick me up coffe run, we went to Starbucks and got espresso frappucinos which was our first time trying them, I gotta say I have gotten many things from Starbucks but, when It came to actual coffee I always would go for a latter, or an americano,etc. Always something hot but the weather outside made deeply crave something cold that still had that kick off caffeine I usually get from my hot coffee. They were very good and refreshing. So then came the food, we got some organic chicken from Kroger, a bell pepper, four jalapenos, and a red onion. I cut the chicken into strips seasoned it with crushed red pepper, black pepper, lemon, and Kick'n Chicken seasoning which gives the chicken a slight sweet taste and brings out all the other flavors (in my opinion). When the chicken was ready to cook I tossed it on the skillet and let it cook till it was a little brown and crispy. Then sauteed the jalapenos slices, with the onion and green bell pepper all with the chicken. The easiest part was the mashed potatoes since we are more times than not too lazy to make them from scratch, we got Idahoan instant four cheese mashed potatoes that were four cheese flavored lol. I guess that was the slight not so healthy choice to our meal. But it turned out really good, I am getting better and better at this cooking thing ;) lol. What do you guys think? Would you eat this? Yay or Nay? Speak Foodies SPEAK!
                                    xx -Steph

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