Monday, June 15, 2015

The Truth About It All: Prints and Navy Blue

 After running as fast as we could from the Arizona heat wave to were we will be until August, I finally had time to put together and outfit! Thank god, I was literally dying and I mean dying from that 115 heat in Arizona call me dramatic but I am used to perfect weather, not weather that suffocates you every time you step outside, not weather that makes you drink more water than a person normally needs in a day. That heat is not my kind of heat..
So anyways alas we are in California.. Current location; Long Beach I had never been to long beach until now and, I must say I feel like I was missing out. Everything here moves a little bit slower without losing the haste of city life, its like being in a small town but at the same time being in the city its hard to explain, and the people; calling them nice is an understatement I feel. But yeah I am loving it here I can walk to Starbucks within two minutes and at the same time walk across the street to work out, or get Thai,Mexican,Greek,etc. types of food, plus breakfast and the best part the part that I've, missed the most ever since I moved to Texas, the place were no matter what is going on in my life puts me at total ease, the beach. We walked to the beach it was a ten minute walk but we weren't walking alone. Ocean Ave is bustling with people trying to get to the beach whether they are walking,riding their bikes or driving. Anyhow that's just a little snipet of how I feel about Long Beach. Lets get to the outfit shall we ;) Since the weather here is beyond perfect on our first day I decided to go with something simple, that still said Summer is here. The top I am wearing although it may not look it is from Hollister I've had since last summer, I like this top because it is casual and as long as you hide the logo can be paired with dress pants and a blazer for a meeting; if you dont favor the slit just throw a scarf on top,etc. The shorts I am wearing and that I love are from the Material Girl by Madonna collection. I love that you can tie them around your waist which can give the look a little something different and I absolutely am obsessed with the print. I am also wearing a Nine West hat, I have been wearing this hat up and down I love their hats and shoes, so I decided to pair his look with my Nine west butterfly espadrilles. Perfect look for the perfect weather. P.S idk why one of my legs came out darker than the other it must have either been the shadows or my camera in that moment, but I love these pics! What do you guys think about this outfit Yay or Nay?
 Comment belooooow!!! :)
xx -Steph

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