Monday, June 8, 2015

The Truth About It All: What Is Happening?

Hello there my lovely guys and gals! It is once again Monday.  This past weekend was a calm one, but on that same token an interesting one. On Saturday night... How do I even begin to explain, I feel like there's no way to explain it as of this very moment so I might need an hour or so to work up all the right words to explain just what happened..
If you are living in the modern world you know that there are plenty of people who would love to travel and eat and call that their job, That would be amazing, two of my favorite things eating and traveling, if i got paid to do that everyday for the rest of my life and document it so that others can see career wise I'd be more than happy.. this is what Sir Anthony Bourdain does the man has taste buds for pretty much everything except for ants. My point is that I don't get to do his job everyday but his culinary travels have inspired me and my other half (my boyfriend) to be more open to trying different foods all because when we do watch TV it is almost always Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. He introduced me to this show and ever since I haven't been able to stop watching it is truly addictive we even have it set to record any episode we miss whenever it plays just in case we miss it. But anyways lets get to the point, over the weekend my boyfriend played a private event. This private event was at a Vietnamese household for a law school graduation. I love Asian foods but I have never had Vietnamese food before and neither had he. Neither one of us is a fan of seafood but naturally that was what majority of the food had in it. Everyone was so welcoming and alive, and of course happy because it was a celebration. They started bringing food and knowing some of the Asian culture it is rude to deny the food. So I more curious than anything welcomed in the food with no problem (it was a lot of food). The first plate had spicy corn which was oh so good just the right amount of sweet and spicy, with shrimp, toasted bread with crab meat which was frankly my favorite part, crab cakes, Vietnamese chicken wings which if I recall correctly were also spicy. Long before I was even halfway through my first spoonful of that delicious spicy corn our lovely host brought over crab soup, I have never had crab soup but let me tell you the stuff is good the soup had some egg, obviously crab, bamboo, and was finished off with the right amount of pepper. Then came dessert which tasted two of my favorite flavors in it coconut, and coffee and which is simply known as jelly. This was just the right amount of sweet, not overwhelming like a lot of desserts. All this paired with great live music courtesy of Donnie Sands made for a pretty good night with an Anthony Bourdain kinda feel lol. Not trying to necessarily promote Donnie but he is incredibly good so go check him out when you get a 'mo on YouTube! What do you guys think about Vietnamese food? Have you tried it yet? Yay or Nay?
                                                                xx -Steph

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