Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Truth About It All: Yesterdays Outfit

 Hello lovelies ! As many of you might or might not know but now you will.. I am currently in Albuquerque , New Mexico.. a city completely different to what I am used to, people here live slow but feel like they're living in the big city but they are not. Definitely not one of my favorite places to be except it kinda is.
The mountain air and solitude that comes with being here whether you are accompanied or alone is quite peaceful, it calls for reflection and inspiration. I in this occasion am not alone as many people may be, I am in the great and sometimes irritating company of my guitar playing- song writing boyfriend and his pup Walter. They make everyday a breeze and we laugh at the silliest stuff, being with them everyday truly makes life better to say the least. Yesterday we went exploring around Downtown Albuqurque. Sporting a very laid back outfit here are the pics he took of me in very cool wall, which featured art from a local artist. I am in love with this Nine West floppy hat I got for my birthday. The jeans I am sporting are Levi's, I am also sporting nine west espadrilles in this picture which are super comfy (shoulda got a close up) and a Steve Madden cross-body.  The weather here in Albuquerque is not too warm it actually goes down to the sixties over night. So I had to sport a cardigan to more or less keep me warm if we went somewhere inside were it was cold I wouldn't be. Shop my outfit here : Jeans
 Cross-body      Nine West Hat and Espadrilles

Yay or Nay for this laid back outfit?

    xx -Steph

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