Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Truth About It All: The Fallback

It has been almost three weeks since my return from California. As of lately I have found myself in a creative and emotional slump but, worry not here I am once again writing. I left two things in LA love and opportunity, while one of them I believe you only get one that truly matters of the other when in the right place at the right time,etc. can be had multiple times as long as you have eyes wide open to grasp it as quickly as possible.
I have to say that I never imagined I'd have one of the things so many people search for and let it go that is love, and that love no longer belongs to me it is not mine to call my own, but I must say that I still believe and feel the way I did in the beginning. Ever since I landed at 11:00pm that day I haven't been able to focus very much,or sleep and without shame I have to say I watched all 6 of the Sex in the City seasons, and both of the movies, followed by confessions of a shopaholic with a bottle of wine I didn't finish even half of due to my deep concentration in all the fashion and love complications they all involved (better than being hung over for sure) As I watched continuous of the episodes of SATC with no interruptions or commercials I started to realize that as women we are focusing on the wrong thing a lot of the time. We long to have it all love, money,successful careers, and all the shoes in the world but, where we go wrong is on over focusing on the bad when everything else seems to be going perfect. At times we think that because something is not going right RIGHT now that our entire world is going to fall apart. I was there in that place for three months, what I failed to realize is that everyone has primary focus on certain things like career, work,school and that something so small like an argument that happened weeks ago is not the main prospect of their everyday thought process because, there are other things to think about and besides if the argument ended that long ago who cares at this point move on. Why is it so difficult for us to enjoy the little things that tie up the definition of loving someone and being in a relationship like making dinner, or having cocktail hour after work and going to sleep late because you are having just such a great conversation about your day, or outer space. We are relying on buying the perfect pair of designer shoes and the gossip that someone elses problems may bring to our conversation topic, or our career to make us happy. But we are no longer relying on the tangible feeling that love is. When it comes to love and life why do we focus on the little unimportant things to make us happy when the big little important things are all that mattered all along?

I will resume keeping everyone updated and outfit posting by this weekend.

xx -Steph

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