Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Truth About It All: The Two Purse Need

Two purses? Really Two i'll take a Fendi and the Chloe drew satchel everyone has in two colors and seems to be the talk of the town and I am TOTALLY in love with it! Too long? lol Ladies we have found a way to make carrying two purses a valid excuse, what is this excuse you ask?
That our  Fendi cross-body and clutches simply cannot fit our extra stuff or hold our massive Iphone 6+  among other things. Which raises the question a lot of people would ask.. Why not carry a bigger bag instead of two bags? But to them I say, where's the fun in that? We women as natural lovers of most if not all things fashion, are always up for a new trend that accommodates an excuse that would normally make others question us and fill the room with why's.. why wear sheer things if you don't want a wardrobe malfunctions, why wear four inch designer heels only to complain hours later that your feet hate you? Well one answer would be because we feel fabulous in these outfits some man and woman find ridiculous or over the top. So this two purse trend is definitely on my list of Do's ladies.  This trend will make getting dressed so much faster, after you're dressed you always ask, now what purse do I take and will it fit all my junk? (make up,perfume,brush,massive phone, magazine, lipstick,mascara) That short list can go on and on, because we put so many things in our purses much more than they can handle for sure and it is always a big mess although truth be told it begins organized. The hustle and buzzle of everyday ends up leaving it a mess.
I think this is great trend I have tried doing the two purse thing before, and it seemed so easy for me. In the cute small bag my lip gloss or lipstick, a travel size perfume bottle and a back up pair of earrings. In the boho style bag I was in love with and carried faithfully, my phone, laptop, latest issue of Vogue, and Elle, my go to scarf, my big Kate Spade wallet that I couldn't fit inside my crossbody, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue my fav perfume, lotion and a brush. You would be surprised how much a girl can fit into a bag if she really wants to have many things within reach. Plus you have two options when it is cock tail hour take the smaller chic bag, and for important meeting and running to a fashion show or work at the office you can take the bigger bag or both of them. It is the best of both worlds ! What do you think of the Two Bag Trend? Yay or Nay?     xx -Steph

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