Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Truth About It All: Influenster Review

I recently received another Influenster box in the mail. I was excited which is kinda needless to say.  
I opened it as soon as I got the chance, and what was inside was a sweet surprise. My first voxbox was pretty good, but I liked this second one even more. It came with awesome things that we all need for the summer whether traveling far or getting away for the weekend.
I am very selective of the things I use on my hair, and hydration is a big factor. I have not used Pantene in years ever since I switched to Moroccan oils deep conditioner and fortifying shampoo, and Paul Mitchell's tea tree oil line I have not looked back and my hair has never been stronger, longer and softer. But it is obvious that Pantene has stepped up their game, in the beginning I was skeptical about using the intense hydration shampoo and conditioner but I went for it and I have to say that my hair was very soft and unlike the old Pantene shampoo and conditioners it didn't dry my hair out or strip it from its natural oils. I wouldn't use it as my regular go to but in a pinch while traveling, or if I ran out of my own and had to wait for it to arrive. This definitely a great alternative.

The Secret deodorant was also another surprise. I always hear people rave about the clinical strength deodorants but was really reluctant to give it a try them after finding something that worked perfectly great for me. I tried it on a day I knew i'd be running around a lot I woke up showered, and put on a pretty breezy blouse which doesn't necessarily guarantee staying any less sweaty in this humid Houston heat. This deodorant lasted pretty much all day, I did not sweat like i'd expected would happen and even when I did which was only a little bit by the way, I smelled as fresh as when I left the house. Another plus is that it smells like lavender (love it)

The Simple Sensitive skin experts make up removing wipes were good in my opinion. It comes with more than the Neutrogena pack and in my personal experience it doesn't leave my face feeling slimy but instead like I just put on moisturizer which just so happened to also remove my make up. The Ardell lashes I have yet to try because I have never worn fake lashes but I will try them and do a complete separate post on them soon.

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