Monday, December 12, 2016

The Truth About It All: Denim Obsessed

Denim... How can I begin to describe denim? 

Ever since I can recall I've always had this need to have a good pair of jeans in my closet, when my mom would take me shopping first thing I always went for was the jean section. I am a firm believer that price doesn’t always amount to quality of manufacturing. 
 I recall a few years back I went jean shopping at this random vintage/ self producing denim store near my house which is now sadly gone due to other businesses thriving more where they were formerly located I suppose. My longest worn jeans were from this store, I owned two pairs.  
They were well made, dark wash and very versatile when it came to pairing ,as almost all denim is. $20 Bought me two of my favorite pair of jeans I have ever owned, and now that they finally gave up on me (after 5 years) I am on the hunt for a new denim love.  
Nevertheless this taught me that I didn’t always have to go for super pricey denim like I was used to, but that as long as I knew the feel, fit, and stitching was good  I could find a good trusty pair.  I have linked some of my favorite budget friendly as well as brands worth splurging on below! 

Wallet Friendly:   $50- $100


Mid Range: $100 - $175

High Priced $200+


  1. I found some of my favorite more wallet friendly pairs at LOFT and Nordstrom. I totally agree that price isn't always everything.

    Cheers, J

  2. So true! Price is not always the best indication of quality.

  3. Awesome post! I often have trouble finding jeans that are short people friendly, but Express is good for that and they have a 50% off sale again now. Sadly, I haven't been able to find the same fabric as my faves that now have a rip in the knee. Yes, I know it's "fashionable," but not when I want to wear them because they were dark wash and more business casual friendly *sigh.

  4. Price is not always everything! My favorite pair of jeans I found at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Wishing now I would have found a second!