Sunday, October 15, 2017

5 Ways to be Productive this Week

Productivity is something we all struggle with at some point. There are just days when you don't feel like doing much, and laziness creeps up (hello Netflix marathon) and before you know it you've hardly gotten anything done and feel like the days are just passing you by.
Below I have listed 5 ways to be more productive this week, to help you avoid binging Netflix for hours, napping too much or spending hours reading articles online (happens to the best of us).

                      1. Give yourself a Deadline

Having a deadline for getting work done although at times may feel like it adds pressure. It is more than anything a hard reminder that you must get work done by a certain day. Deadlines push you to actually working even when you feel like being lazy and putting off work. I starting setting calendar reminders for deadlines when I am having the Monday or mid week blues and it ALWAYS motivates me to get work done.

                                      2. Exercise 
I know it might seem like exercising is just gonna make you tired but, contrary to that popular belief it does the complete opposite. Exercise clears your head, and since you are solely focusing at the task at hand which could be jumping rope or going for a run, etc. By the time you finish working out you feel more energized than you do tired and are ready to get pretty much anything done.

                              3. Take small breaks 
This can get a little dangerous because you might get distracted by little things here and there and it can all go down hill from there. I personally like taking small 5 or 10 minute breaks when I've been working for an hour or more. It's easy to not notice how long you have been working if you're really focused, but taking small 5 minute breaks every 45 minutes helps to keep you from drawing a blank and dropping everything you're working on.

                       4. Create a to do list for everyday
This has been the biggest help of all to keeping my productivity levels consistent I write calendar reminders, write it on a small dry erase board where I can see it. This is a constant reminder I have things to do even when I have forgotten or feel like I don't have energy to do anything (which means I haven't had coffee and need some)

                           5. Listen to upbeat music
This trick works for me every time specially when I'm doing computer work. Listening to upbeat music turns off all the outside noise and distractions at the coffee shop which is where I get a lot of my writing done. It also keeps you focused on what you are working on, because the music keep the writing at a steady pace. I'm not sure exactly to describe it but, this is how I survive hours sitting in front of the computer whether I'm working at home or at the coffee shop.


  1. This is very helpful. Making a to do list everyday I need to do! Right now lol! Thanks

  2. I need to pay more attention to the exercise tip. I am an organized person but never turn to physical activity to help me focus!