Saturday, October 21, 2017

DIY Glass bottle Vase

Hola guys and gals!  I think staying up late to get writing is finally catching up to me, but I just cannot stop. If you follow me on Insta stories or are my friend on Facebook, you might know by
know I'm in love with the Rose water lemonade from Tout Suite and every time I am there I get the rose water Lemonade which is the stuff dreams are made of (pretty much) I have accumulated a few bottles and decided that it was time to use them for something other than my almond milk lattes every morning ;)

Here I have decided to convert two of the bottles into colorful pretty vases for lack of better term. I added color to transform them into a pretty little thing you can put your flowers in, or even use as a pencil holder, or hang string lights from, there are so many options here if you really get creative with it.


Clean glass bottle
Two or more small  bottles of paint from colors of your choosing
Pour color #1 in this case I started with cotton candy pink
* As I poured the pink color into the bottle I turned it so it would create a dripping effect
Pour color #2 and repeat same method applied when pouring the first color
* After I poured the second color which was cotton candy blue I turned the bottle once again and it created this great mesh for both colors that gave off a great mix of pastel colors ( kinda really reminded me of getting cotton candy at the fair)

After you have done all these steps it's important to note that the paint will still be wet and runny. What I did was turn the bottle to mix the colors for about two minutes and the layed it down on the floor . This took about three hours to dry on the surface but I waited until the next day to test putting anything inside of it so it would not smudge the paint.

Below is the final result of the bottle by itself.


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