Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Brandie Freely; Truths and Freedom

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing local author Brandie Freely on her new book Truths and Freedom. After finally lining up our schedules for the interview, she let me in on some insight that inspired it, as well as if there will be a continuation. The book retells stories that have shaped her life and made her into the person she is today. Check out our interview below to find out more about her and the book.

TABA: What was the big inspiration behind the book?

BF: It's a bit hard to pick one thing, I've always kept a journal my whole life. The book stems from my childhood and is set 7+ years back from 2003 - 2011. These are all things I've written about, and are connected to read like a story.

TABA: What message do you want the readers to take away from Truths and Freedom?

BF: I want them to just take life lessons with them. I feel like truth is the true definition of freedom. Don't hide parts of yourself, Don't hide your humanity. That's true freedom.

TABA: Who did you dedicate this book to?

BF: The book is dedicated to my daughter, but I also dedicated it to my ancestors who had so many stories to tell, but no way to write them. I want them to live through my writing, their unrealized dreams and everything they didn't get a chance to share.

TABA: What is your favorite line in the book?

BF: Oh man that's a hard one, I think if I had to chose it would be "Trusting the process takes patience."

TABA: Do you plan on writing a second book to continue telling the story?

BF: Yes, something similar. A continuation book on the healing process.

This next question was not really a question I planned to ask but came about in conversation when we spoke a bit off topic.

 TABA: What was one thing that encouraged you to keep writing?

BF: Well I post on Instagram frequently and I just started noticing that people related and responded to what I was writing about and sharing.

* Truths and Freedom is out now and can be purchased on or *

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